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fatigue is a topic we've covered extensively at abc2. it can cost lives, but so can stopping along a major highway. along 83 north of the beltway, the sign targeting truckers are hard to missments park along the side of the highway and you will get ticketed. the shoulder is not a hotel. >> to prevent an extremely dangerous condition, we decided to kick off this initiative. >> reporter: parking alongside 83 is incredibly dangerous to other motorists, troopers say in some cases causing arguments, but the trucking association said the alternative is dangerous. >> what are we trying to achieve. are we trying to force drivers who might be out of hours or a
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rest break to be out on the road searching for a place to park. >> reporter: the trucking association said there are limited options for truckers to rest. if the driver's time is up for the night, he has to stop and rest. it's a federal regulation. the trucking association agrees. a shoulder is not ideal spot, but it is far less dangerous than drowsy driving. >> we want drivers to be well rested when they're on the road. so without adequate truck parking, that's where they will end up -- on the shoulder. >> reporter: that too, as caused fatalities, asking for better planning or if need be pull off the interstate all together and find an empty shopping lot. >> we don't want them to surpass that mandatory rest peempletd we're -- period. we're encouraging them to plan
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ahead. >> reporter: that message seems to be working. within two days of the enforcement, only one citation has been issued. >> we're working for you at abc2. we have an entire page on our website devote to the dangers of drowsy driving. there's also a list of five myths about driving do youcy. first, can you tell when you're falling asleep? not true. the truth is sleep is involuntary and you can fall asleep and not know it. the second myth coffee or energy drinks overcome the effects. caffeinated drinks can help you feel alert but if only for a short period of time. you're more likely to have
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microsleeps, small naps that last five seconds or less but that's an eternity while you're on the road. go to drivers. what a start to the week. temperatures low 70s. we've got low humidity, and that will continue for the foreseeable future. 70 in edgewood and the heart of the city in the low to mid-70s. dry conditions. look at that humidity, 36%. that's comfortable, clear not only in central maryland but across the east coast. there is very limited active weather. good news for the early and middle part of the week. great news for the ravens kickoff game. the forecast is about 70 degrees. we'll fall through the 60s by the fourth quarter. we'll have much more weather coming up. >> you are looking live at the field at m&t bank stadium.
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the ravens will be playing against the cincinnati bengals. the cincinnati bengals will be beaten tonight. >> sounds good. as you're heading to the game, you will be looking for the perfect place to park, close and cheap. joce sterman is here now with the warning for every fan on four wheels who need to hear this one. >> reporter: parking is tough when the ravens play. you'll find lots scattered all over. if you're not careful, the spot you paid for could and up getting you towed. monday night football may shine a spotlight on baltimore but one problem can cast a dark shadow on the game. >> it's not a new phenomenon. >> reporter: councilman bill cole has been talking about parking scams. this area is ripe for them because in this part of town
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there seems to be plenty of parking but you can't use most of them. streets are marked 57bd lots are private. on game day many are open at a priessments it's a legitimate side business for most but not all. >> people come in from out of town and they don't realize, look, just because there's a sandwich board that says closest park $30 that it means it's legitimate. >> reporter: some bad apples take the money and tow trucks show up. cole hopes the new city law will shut down that scheme. it requires lot operators to give you a receipt and pay the city a share of their profits. >> any legitimate plot operator is collecting parking taxes and has pulled a permit from the city, so they should be able to demonstrate they are a legal and authorized lot. if they don't have that, i would
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probably move on. >> the city is checking lots. make sure you get a receipt. ask the attend daunt if someone will be staying behind to check on the lot. they're -- if you're really worried, it's impossible to get towed from a light rail car. hey, just gotting to the parking spot will be your trouble. we have the ravens time saver traffic. >> reporter: tonight's ravens game will cause delays. now -- if you're headed to the game, some of the lots could be full, so you will want to may void street parking if that is
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the case and use one of the many parking garages. public transportation is also highly recommend. i'm lauren cook. that's time saving traffic. i'll be tracking the delays tomorrow on good morning maryland. >> before you leave the house, just head to we've got links to dozens of live traffic cameras all over the area. taking a look at stories around the nation, big story going into click. thousands of chicago public school teachers spent the day marching around the school instead of being outside in their classroom. they are on strike as a contract broke down last night. t.j. winick has the very latest. >> reporter: for the first time in a quarter century, teachers are on strike in chicago. now parents like gladys hampton
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have to figure out what to do with their kids. >> how dare you guys stop school in session. how dare you do that to our children. what are you thinking about? not about them. >> reporter: the walkout in the nation's third largest school district is a real test for mayor rahm emanuel as they try to ensure 400,000 students are kept safe. emmanuel -- emanuel has asked them to stop immediately. >> this is a strike of choice. because of how close we are, it is a strike that's unnecessary. >> reporter: sticking point include teachers raises. >> rahm emanuel has made a point of pride to try to change things at school. that is added pressure.
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>> reporter: click is -- chicago has enacted an emergency contingency plan. though will provide breakfast and lunch to the students. other than that, parents are pretty much on their own. the last time there was a teachers strike in chuck was 25 years ago. that strike lasted 19 days. t.j. winick, new york. 80 miles southwest of chicago this morning more than three dozen people, including students were injured in a school bus crash. you can see the bus on the right side. investigators are still trying to figure out what happened. some of the injuries were serious but none life-threatening. >> a man paid to protect the officer has died. office are bruise st. laurent
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was a veteran of the department. the president did not seat crash but has offered prayers to the family. the officer is survived by his wife and four children. no word if charges will be filed against the driver of the pickup driver. a baltimore man said he is one of thousands infected by hepatitis c. 65-year-old linden nelson was told by the hospital a few weeks ago he was one of 168 patients who retreated. that clue cow skip injected himself with surgical drugs and refilled it with say len contaminated needles. we'll hear more about nelson tonight at 6:00. there's a call tonight to boycott goodwill stores. the push is coming from another nonprofit. tomorrow will mark 11 years to the september 11th attack. now the government will admit something we have long
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a new link between post partum depression and a child's weight. scientists studied the differences between those experiencing depressive symptoms and found they had a 40% chance. just a day before the 11th anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attack, the phage -- federal government appears to be ready to make a move.
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abc2's karen trave ver -- travers has more. >> reporter: the government is ready to acknowledge that rescue workers and those living near ground zero may have been exposed to toxins. thousands rushed to ground zero. >> they were there to help. >> reporter: some worked for month. many argue that toxins from the rubble gave them cancer and that the government ignored them. federal officials argued there was no connection between the air and cancer. >> they knew the air wasn't safe. >> reporter: now a total 180. based on new evidence, the federal government is expected to announce that 50 new cansers
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will be under a settlement fund. >> the first responders who were there for us, we will be there for them. we will compensate them. >> reporter: in his weekly address the president marked the 11th september 11th anniversary. >> the first responders who risked their lives on that day and every day since. >> reporter: the compensation fund went into effect last year. no addition hall money is expected to be added, fleaf with this cancer announcement unless congress acts. >> for more health stories like this one, just head to and you'll find the information on getting kids ready for flu season and a look at the warning signs that a child could have a concussion. dawn, 1 a.m., 2 a.m., 3 a.m. should you pick up your baby when they cry or let them fall
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asleep? a new study supports the idea that parents should let babies cry them stoves sleep. it's called self-soothe. that's tough. this is the latest in the debate. we posted this topic on our afternoon. already more than a dozen have commented. most of you have babies. so head to and let us know about how you feel about letting babies cry themselves to sleep. let's start off with a check of maryland's most powerful radar. crystal clear weather that has been with us since the latter part of the weekend. there could be changes by the weekend. get ready to enjoy more of this. sunshine on tap. the humidity is gone. the steam, the soup is out. we are crisp and clear and the crowds gathering for a huge monday night football eye
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haven't downtown under a few clouds. how about baltimore today from robert w. coleman near druid hill park. high thin fair weather clouds and in the state capital just a pis churr rest being shot across the severn river from the naval academy. this is gorgeous weather. i want to take you into the current conditions. actually, we have the live baltimore feed for you. 74 degrees right now. humidity is dry, comfortable, 36. winds are northwest at 10 miles an hour, so again, a beautiful set up for our game day forecast. temperatures at kickoff should be 70 degrees. we'll flawl into the 60s toward the second half. wind speed northwest, we got a breeze coming in helping to usher in that dry comfortable air. look how cool the mountains are to the west. 70 in hagerstown. 73 in easton. this is about as comfortable as
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it gets in maryland, helping to keep things comfortable. dry conditions statewide. you can see the dew point numbers are down in the 40s. as recently as saturday, these were up about 70, so extremely muggy hair that was with us. that whole pattern has been broken. to the west no immediate frontal boundaries. we don't think we'll see much action on the immediate coastline. there are big storms continuing to spin out in the atlantic. again, the story locally will be more high pressure, more dry conditions as we go forward with the humidity bottled up to the south. it's a big high pressure cell. sinking air keeps us cloud free. it's active in the hope atlantic. we've got leslie. she's a tropical storm after making a close pass on bermuda.
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certainly the path way from the caribbean into the gulf. no big storms to be concerned with. tonight 50 degrees, clear, cool and crisp. if you're headed downtown for the game the weather will be as good last this gets. sunny skies. we'll stay warm and dry and we cool off late sort of sleeping weather. you can open the windows up. sunshine through the middle part of the week, low 80s. we get warmer thursday into friday. as we look at the weekend, the chances for showers will likely return by the second half. still early to tell on that one. on the whole we do see a nice stretch, my friend. >> beautiful today. >> and it feels like football, just in time for the ravens opener. >> that's good. all right. here we go. zeke went for a run in this florida neighborhood today. did we mention zeke is a monkey.
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authorities in florida tried for hours trying to capture this monkey, zeke. the neighbors said he jumped on cars, rooftops and tried to bite someone. eventually it was the owner's voice that managed to get zeke back into captivity.
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all right. the coast guard came to the rescue of two people right off the coast of california. a 70-year-old man was pulled out of the water. the man was suffering from hypothermia. their plane was flying from santa barbara to canada when it went down. >> this pizza shop own are in florida was excited to meet president. the president said he is the biggest pizza shop owner he had ever seen. he gives the president a bear hug and lifts him up. he took it all in stride. so the shop owner has a big heart. >> good sport. >> all right. we're getting close to kickoff for monday night football. we'll look at where the ravens are opening up their 17th season and they will play cincinnati. who is calling for a boycott
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and what they hope to accomplish. we'll tell you where and when kids can get their locks cut for free. >> crystal clear weather tonight and into the early part of the week. how long will the gorgeous weather last? we've got the answer?
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here are your top stories. getting you up to the minute, state police don't work truckers out there driving drowsy but they are also discouraging them from resting on the side of the road. they said parking along 83 is incredibly dangerous for drivers. >> for those heading out to the ravens game, be careful where you pancht people will be
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selling spaces but just because they don't, doesn't mean they have the authorization to do so. >> chicago teachers have done on strike for the first time in 25 years. thousands of teach ares in the nation's third largest school district are refusing to work over contract issues. the city opened school for only breakfast and lunch. mayor rahm emanuel said the city has asked the teachers union to resume bar canning immediately. crystal clear conditions across all of maryland and the region. people get ready for the big game.

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